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Have more friends than money?

Gather your friends, clients, or customers in your home or business and turn it into a fundraiser for homeless women. Whether you want to commemorate women's awareness, or just want an excuse to have a movie night, spa day, or any other fun event, we would like to be your charity of choice! Whatever you decide, let us know and we’ll support your efforts with official materials, speakers, knowledge, and joint marketing efforts.

Here are some great examples of fundraisers we’ve done in the past:

Business Give Back Day (or Month!)

Let your customers know you care about causes that are important to them and gain access to a new customer base. We’ll help you promote the special day via our email list, our website and social media. You can donate a percentage of proceeds from your total sales for the day, proceeds from a particular product or service that’s female driven or anything else that’s fun and effective. “Give Back Days” are wonderful for restaurants, spas, fairs, retail stores, entertainment venues, or just about any business that has a regular influx of physical or virtual customer traffic.


Private Parties & Events

Maybe you’re having an invitation-only Scrabble tournament, a holiday party at your senior center, or a New Year’s Eve block party that people will remember for years to come. Adding a charity theme to a private event can really make your event unique and fun! You can accept donations for the LittleBagLadies in lieu of an entry fee, in addition to, or you could even raffle off items and donate the proceeds—whatever makes sense and strikes your fancy! While joint marketing is not usually important for private events, the LittleBagLadies can help get the word out during the event by offering a speaker, fliers, signage, or goodie bag items.


Cookies and Cupcakes For A Cause


These red and white cookies are specially baked for The LittleBagLadies and who doesn't love red velvet? 100% from the sale of these cookies goes to benefit The LittleBagLadies supply warehouse. Get creative and use these cookies to raise funds at your school, club, sports team, and workplace. Contact us on how to get them!

Awareness or Outreach Event


Spread awareness about homelessness in your own special and unique way. What do you like to do? What does your club or company do? Do you have a unique way to get the word out while gaining exposure for your group and the LittleBagLadies? For outreach events, the main goal is community interaction and positive press; donations are often a secondary (but much appreciated!) by-product. Many of our partners who do outreach events end up with substantial media mentions on television, radio, newspapers, and on the internet.

Got a Great Fundraising Idea?

We’d love to hear it! For more information on the above opportunities of support, contact us today. Have you fundraised for us and would like your effort listed here? Let us know!

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