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Walt Disney Co. Announces Demand Based Pricing

Right during our fundraiser, ouch!

Airlines do it. Hotels do it. Sport venues and concert halls do it.

And, to the irritation of car-less urban travelers, so does Uber. Now the Walt Disney Co. is jumping on the bandwagon with demand-based pricing, too. In a weekend blog post the company announced that because "the demand for Disney Parks continues to grow, especially during peak periods," seasonal pricing will now be applied to 1-day tickets at both Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida. Disney says new ticket pricing, which has already gone into effect, is designed to "help spread out visitation," but it means higher prices will be charged during the most popular periods (such as holidays and summer weekends) and lower prices during slow seasons, such as September, when kids go back to school. Using crowd calendars, the new pricing plan divides the calendar by "day types" and sets three tiers for one-day tickets: "value," "regular" and "peak."

What does this mean for us? After MARCH 17TH the tickets for our fundriser will be increased. *sigh*

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